Interested to cohost, to tell on perNYC, you can let Jennifer know via @perNYC or @perNYC or @perjennifer or email to She'll respond thoughtfully and personalized to your message within a day or two. 

Cohosting on perNYC, you and Jennifer show through spoken words. Delving into what you’ve created, how it’s a piece of NYC, and how it is yours. All that nourished in a one-of-a-kind, candid, cool, collected, and informative manner.

Each recording will take 25-60 mins, including soundcheck.

Jennifer is available to host at a time most convenient for you.

The recording will take place in her studio in Alphabet City, East Village.

Logistics and details will be discussed beforehand – it'll be comfortable before recording.

A perNYC episode is the experience to tell you, NYC and your creation. 

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